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4.58 Star Rating
137 reviews
Bruce k.2 weeks ago
"Great place to live"
Everett T.1 month ago
"This community is still one of the best Ive lived in here in Marlboro continued praise for entire staff I am respected and valued here at Bell Marlboro"
Current Resident2 months ago
"Bell is a great place to live."
Jacqueline T.3 months ago
"I highly recommend both Patrick and Brandon they have excellent people skills !"
Current Resident3 months ago
"Bell Marlborough was the first place (after visiting many communities) that felt like I could call home!"
Bruce k.4 months ago
"Great place to live!"
Everett T.4 months ago
"I am thankful that the staff is so helpful and caring cannot ask for better service Maurice T."
Connie B.4 months ago
"Great staff. Property looks great. Apartment is safe."
Ken F.4 months ago
"Bell Marlborough is a very nice and safe place to live."
Gertruida C.5 months ago
"Bell Marlborough is the most beautiful property in Massachusetts! With friendly, willing and able staff it makes living at Bell Marlborough a rewarding experience. The beautiful grounds, gardens and clubhouse ensures for a feeling of proudness of where I live. I always feel save at Bell Marlborough."
Current Resident5 months ago
"Nice place to live at and the staff are very nice and profesional"
Gertruida C.6 months ago
"Bell Marlborough is by far the best community to live in. With friendly, efficient staff always available. The grounds are always neat and clean. I am proud to live in Bell Marlborough"
Marcelo P.6 months ago
"Bell Marlborough is a wonderful place to live with great apartments, an incredibly responsive staff and great events!"
Everett T.7 months ago
"This is the most gracious neighborhood I enjoy my place of habitat immensely"
Gertruida C.7 months ago
"Bell Marlborough is the most comprehensive all inclusive estate living experience in Massachusetts!"
Sarah S.7 months ago
"I liked everything with Bell Marlborough apartments but mostly the idea of bedrooms being up stairs.the den that comes with 1bedroom am so in love.i will be moving in soon."
Current Resident7 months ago
"This comment is about the Bell Company and not specifically regarding this property. Recently Bell granted a request I made, and Bell could have said no but did not. This is much appreciated and very kind. If my experience is any indication, I would recommend any Bell property to potential tenants."
Bruce k.7 months ago
"Bell is awesome on every level!"
Current Resident8 months ago
"loved it"
Edward L.11 months ago
"We submitted our work order for a broken window blind on Friday afternoon, not expecting it to be replaced until Monday. Much to our surprise, Dan knocked on our door on Sunday morning. He told us that he was working on property, saw that we were home and asked if he could replace the blind then. While we're used to excellent and speedy maintenance service, having a non-emergency repair done on a Sunday was definitely above and beyond!!!"